Free Plant Spirit Medicine Distance Healing with Tobacco, Poison Ivy, & Copal (March 26th, 2023)

Date: Sunday, March 26th at 10am and 6pm EDT.

Tobacco, Poison Ivy, and Copal have offered their plant spirit medicine of “Deep Healing” to our people at this time. The plant spirit medicine they offer is for imbalances at any level of our being—body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

I will be sending their spirit medicine through long-distance transmission to all those interested in receiving this blessing. The sessions will last for 20 minutes.

If you would like to participate, please email me at with your full name, the physical address where you will be during the session, and which time slot you want (10am or 6pm EDT), and I will send you an instruction sheet for the session.

I am in Ontario, Canada. Here is a link to a time zone map to help you figure out the time difference where you live.

Please note that you must consent to receiving this medicine for it to be effective, so it isn’t possible to send someone’s name in by proxy. If you have small children who can’t give their consent, the fact that you are their parent is the consent.

Please share this offering freely.

Love, Monika