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Monika has studied and apprenticed with world-recognized teachers and elders in living ancestral traditions. She has excelled in her work and been honoured with several spiritual initiations. Monika persists where others give up. She will go the distance in supporting you to the highest levels you aspire to.” – Sherry Morgan, Prayer Guide, Speaker, Author, Canada

Traditional Nahua Healing

Traditional Nahua Healing is an authentic, time-honored spiritual healing system indigenous to the highlands of central Mexico. A healer in this tradition works in relationship with the healing forces of nature to address the spiritual root causes of illness and imbalance in all layers of a person’s being: body, mind, and spirit.

Distance Healing

As an initiated Distance Healer, I work in humble relationship with the healing forces of nature, universal energies, and ancestral expressions to bring healing and balance. Distance Healing positively affects physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual health and well-being, as well as insight into one’s path and purpose.  

Spiritual Space Clearing

Our physical and spiritual well-being are deeply connected to and influenced by the energy field of the spaces we inhabit and work in. Spiritual Space Clearing removes stagnant, old, heavy, unsettled, or negative energies from your living and working spaces and welcomes in beneficial energy that supports your well-being.

Inner-Knowing Counselling

Inner-Knowing Counselling is a loving and understanding method that supports you in discovering that you already have everything you need within you, right now, to reclaim who you truly are. It helps you reconnect with your essential truth so that you may move in the flow of your life’s journey in harmony, confidence, and joy.

Tree Spirit Medicine

Tree Spirit Medicine provides a clear, accessible and deeply soul-nourishing pathway through which we can receive deep healing and connect with our true selves, the Divine Natural World, the natural laws that influence and govern us, and the nature of life on our beautiful Earth Mother with the generous, wise, and loving support of the Tree People.

Animal Communication & Healing

Animal Communication and Healing is a form of spiritual healing that works with natural healing forces and universal energy to support your animal companion’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being and is beneficial for all manner of concerns your animal companion is experiencing. 

Living Earth School

Living Earth School of Herbalism provides quality education in Western herbalism and related subjects for those who wish to learn more for their own personal benefit, or who wish to pursue a career in this field. We offer workshops and online courses for the general public as well as professional training for herbalists, other practitioners, and employees of the herbal and natural health products industry.

Workshops & Events

I offer several workshops throughout the year on various topics such as Tree Spirit Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine, herbal medicine, plant identification, dream journeying, and more. Workshops and events through Living Earth School of Herbalism and those outside the program will be posted in this section of the website. Please check in often to see what’s coming up!

Free Discovery Consultation

I offer a free 15-minute consultation as an opportunity for us to meet, to answer any questions you might have about my services, or to help you decide which service would most benefit you at this time. 

Upcoming Workshops

March 26th: Free Plant Spirit Medicine Distance Healing with Tobacco, Poison Ivy, & Copal Tree

April 15th: Tree Spirit Medicine Workshop with Catalpa