Making Natural Sun Care Products (July 10, 2022)

In this fun and informative virtual workshop you will learn the art of making your own effective, natural sunblocks, SPF lip balms and after-sun care products with no toxic compromises using only 100% natural and organic ingredients.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • What is SPF?
  • An introduction to many different natural products such as base oils, essential oils, butters and teas that have natural SPF.
  • How to make light sunblocks for everyday use and stronger sunblocks for more intense sun exposure.
  • How to make SPF lipbalms.
  • After sun care: how to heal your skin when you’ve gotten too much sun.
  • Facial repair serums: what natural substances can be used to reverse sun damage.
  • Equipment, storage and preservation.

This workshop will include both lectures and demonstrations. Participants will receive informative, detailed handouts including lots of recipes and a recording of the product making demonstration.

Date: Saturday July 10, 2022, 11am to 5pm.

Location:  The Zoom Universe.

Fee: $100

Instructor: Monika Ghent

Please go here to register.