Workshops & Events

I offer various workshops throughout the year on topics such as Tree Spirit Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine, herbal medicine, plant identification, dream journeying, and more.

Registration for most of my workshops is through the Living Earth School of Herbalism. When you press the registration button, you will be taken to the registration page of the school. Simply press the Register Now! button and follow the simple instruction on how to register for the workshop you want.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Free Plant Spirit Medicine Distance Healing with Tobacco, Poison Ivy, & Copal (November 20, 2022)

Tobacco, Poison Ivy, and Copal have offered their plant spirit medicine of “Deep Healing” to our people at this time. The plant spirit medicine they offer is for imbalances at any level of our being—body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Tree Spirit Medicine Workshop with Mulberry (November 26, 2022)

The Tree Spirit Medicine of Mulberry is “Soul Nourishment.” Just as our physical bodies require food and water, our souls too need a regular influx of sustenance so that we may flourish and thrive in our lives. When our soul is undernourished, we can feel anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, stuck, uninspired, lonely, confused, hopeless, and exhausted. Mulberry’s Tree Spirit Medicine nourishes and rejuvenates a depleted soul. With the infusion of Mulberry’s gentle medicine, you experience a profound relaxation and unwinding at the core of your being. You remember your true nature and feel your place in the world. With renewed vitality, you attune more easily to the supportive and sustaining universal energies that move all around you and feel ready to meet whatever challenges and opportunities life brings you.

Past Workshop & Events

  • Tree Spirit Medicine – Ash (Feb. 19, 2022)

    ASH: ‘THE SACRED PAUSE’ The sacred pause is a temporary cessation of inner or outer movement towards any goal or outcome. The sacred pause creates a space of inner quietude and expanded awareness in which to rest until we are ready and able to move forward once more.
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